UK First Edition
1958 - Michael Joseph

US First Edition
1958 - Doubleday

Mrs Harris is a London charlady. One day, she sees a Dior dress belonging to one of her clients, and falls desperately in love with it. Then a miracle occurs, and she wins a hundred pounds on the football pools. So she 'scrimps and syves' until she has enough to buy a Dior dress of her own, and off she goes to Paris to buy it...

One of my favourites, this is just wonderful. The adventures she has in Paris are so moving, the people that she meets are all drawn with such affection that I find myself re-reading this book over and over again.

Flowers for Mrs. Harris
Mrs. Harris goes to New York
Mrs. Harris, M.P.
Mrs. Harris goes to Moscow

Other information
Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris was #9 in the US bestselling list of 1959. This link will give you as much information about this book as you will ever need!

The book was made into a TV film in 1992, as Mrs 'Arris Goes to Paris. It starred Angela Lansbury, Omar Sharif and Diana Rigg. It's pleasant enough, but not a wonderful movie.

This is still in print (as Mrs 'Arris goes to Paris - a rotten title, presumably just chosen because it rhymes) in the USA. It is, regretfully, no longer in print in the UK.

The original hardbacks are quite easy to find second-hand; first editions are relatively common. A nice boxed gift edition was published in the US, though for presentation, not sale.

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